Iwerne Valley Benefice

Celebrating Gods love in beautiful North Dorset...


Village Life & Events

Community is vitally important in the Iwerne Valley Benefice, each village has a thriving and busy community, where the Church forms the heart. 

Annual events throughout the villages are
always well supported and well attended. 
Events such as Church and Village Fetes, Horticultral Shows and so on are enjoyed by the youngest member of the village to the oldest equally. 

Fundraising forms an integral part of village life, be it for the church, the homeless, the local church school (St Andrew's Fontmell Magna) village projects and development etc.  There are regular coffee mornings in many of the villages which provide the perfect opportunity to meet new faces and have a chat.  In addition the churches are well supported by villagers who help with cleaning and church flowers and church maintenance, giving people the opportunity of being envolved.

Iwerne Minster and Fontmell Magna are lucky enough to have excellent village shops selling everything you could need, and are well supported.  There are also three lovely friendly pubs in the Benefice, offering excellent food and much more, Shroton with the Cricketers which is a freehouse, and at the heart of the village, Iwerne Minster with the Talbot, a Hall and Woodhouse public house, which also has rooms and a very friendly welcome, and finally the Fontmell in Fontmell Magna a free house with rooms, situated in Fontmell Magna.

So we can safely say, that the five villages that form The Iwerne Valley Benefice are thriving and active and a wounderful place to be.

Food Banks.

There are a number of food Banks located at various Churches in the Benefice: There are collection points at St Mary's Church Shroton (Collections every Wednesday delivered to Blandford food bank. A collection point at St Andrews Fontmell Magna (delivered to Gillingham Food Bank) Please give generously and ensure that all items have a long shelf life.