Iwerne Valley Benefice

Celebrating Gods love in beautiful North Dorset...

praying handsWHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT...

Ultimately it's all about God and the life that he came to bring through his Son, Jesus Christ.  As Christians we have discovered that life with God brings a richness to our lives that we have never found anywhere else.  That is why we worship, to celebrate God's wonderful gift to us and to say thank you for his love and faithfulness.

Being a Christian doesn't mean that we don't face times of difficulty, sickness, struggle or bereavement, but it does mean that when these things come, we can rely on a strength greater than ourselves to help us through difficult times, even when we don't understand and life feels unjust and unfair.

Being a Christian does mean that we try to offer practical help and care to those around us whether or not they are 'church goers.'  It also means that we seek to support projects overseas through individual fundraising and donations, as well as through 'G5' a charity which funds different projects over the course of a year and is supported by many people in our villages.

However we also enjoy be able to invite people to discover this new life from God for themselves. This can happen through worship or preparation for baptism or confirmation.  We also run The Alpha Course, usually one a year.   Alpha brings people together over a meal and helps them to explore and discuss what Christianity is all about in a informal and friendly way.

If you've got any questions, are thinking of baptism or confirmation or would simply like to join us on our next Alpha course then please do contact us and we'll be happy to talk with you.

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