Baptism's, Weddings and Funerals:

From earliest times people have chosen to mark important events in their lives in special ways.  Sometimes these are joyful occasions, a wedding perhaps or the birth of a baby.  Then there are the times of grief and sorrow when someone whom we love has died.  Today many people still choose their local church as the place where they can observe these important traditions and rituals. 


In Baptism we celebrate the gift of life as we welcome both Children (and adults at times) into the family of the Church. In Baptism we seek the blessing of God through Christ trusting in his love for us all. We would be delighted to talk to you about baptism, either for yourself or your child, please contact the office or The Rev'd David John to discuss further.  In addition The Church of England's website also has information which you may find helpful. 

       Christening photo   Baptism photo  Christening Photo


Our country churches make wonderful settings in which celebrate the start of married life together.   To find our more about getting married in our benefice please contact The Rev'd David John In addition you may find these pages from The Church of England's website helpful in preparing and planning for your wedding.   

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Saying goodbye to those we love is painful and difficult. but it is at times like these that the church has offered hope and the promise of life beyond the grave.  Some people like to plan their funeral in advance or you may need to organise a funeral for someone who has just died if you would like any help and guidance please contact the Vicar Revd David W John or tel 01747 811623.