Iwerne Valley Benefice

Lent series 2020 

                                   St Mary's Parish Church Shroton.

                                     12 Mid day till 2pm.

1. Tuesday 3rd March - Revd Chris Jervis

“Faith, Reason and Rationality”


Faith is perceived by some to be the prop for the intellectually bankrupt, whereas Reason and Rationality are claimed as the preserve of the scientific and philosophical intelligentsia. Such misconceptions are perpetrated by those of an aggressively atheistic persuasion but equally, those who espouse a religious faith sometimes can be guilty of fuelling this misunderstanding. How might we helpfully analyse these three terms and appreciate how they fit together?

2. Wednesday 11th March - Dr Clare Amos.

“And God saw that it was Good” Exploring the Bible with Creation in Mind.


What resources are there in the Bible that Christians can draw on to respond to the concern about creation and the environment - increasingly recognised as one of the most pressing issues of our age? Using scripture, pictures, poetry, music and prayer this talk will explore what wisdom is offered by both the Old Testament and the New Testament. 

3. Tuesday 17th March - Revd David John 

‘Christian Myths, our life scripts and Theology’

Over my 19 years of Ordained ministry I have discovered many people, both Christian and non-Christian who hold strong beliefs about God which seem to have little relation to the teaching of Jesus and the N/T. Often these ‘Beliefs’ are both negative and destructive. Where do these beliefs come from and how are the ‘born’ within our hearts and minds?   In this presentation I will try to reflect on some of these issues, open the presentation for discussion and look at some possible ‘Genesis’ points for such, what I would call, ‘Popular Folk Christianity’. 

4. Tuesday 24th March - Revd John Simmons 

  “Working together for the Kingdom”


A study from the Old Testament, focusing on the effectiveness of valuing and releasing the unique contributions of each individual within the life of the community. In this presentation I will be drawing on my experience in helping Christian organisations to set strategy, and to recognise the power of oneness in diversity.


Each session will be followed a fellowship lunch.

All Welcome:

For further details please contact Revd David W John 01747 811623                            david.john6@btopenworld.com