My God, Your God, Who?  'Why we believe, what we believe'

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Complicated lives, negative self-images, destructive life scripts, bad theology. How can I know God loves me? Am I really forgiven? Can good theology offer healing? what should I believe? - ‘My God, your God, Who?’  ‘a reflection on why we believe what we believe.’

Having spent 30 years as a Police Office in London and 20 years as an ordained Minister within the Church of England Revd David John has been exposed to the breadth of human experience. During both careers he has sought to contextualise and apply both his faith and theology into the situations, lives, and experiences of those he has attempted to ministered to. My God, your God, Who? Is the result of this process. In the first section David investigates the relationship between our own ‘life scripts’ and how they can influence our view of God and our understanding of our faith. In the second half of the book David attempts to explain some of the basic theological themes of the New Testament in ways that he hopes will make them accessible to those who have never studied theology and who may find the more academically focused theological books difficult to digest.   David comments:

“It is offered with passion and in response to those I love, whose pain I have seen and into whose lives I have tried, however failingly, to minister the almighty Love and Grace of God in Christ.”

Exert from the foreword. Kindly written by The Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam Bishop of Salisbury:

‘There is an evangelical framework to this book in as much as this is good news being told by a passionate believer. David also makes the space for us to find our own response to what he gives us, to work out what we believe and make it our own, as each of us must do from time to time throughout our life. Here is belief you can base your life on. The electricity of the Christian faith comes when that which has been passed on to us by teachers is lived in real lives that are transformed by what inspires fidelity and is costly and sacrificial.’ 

I very much hope that you will find my new book both interesting, inspiring and uplifting.

Kindest as always