The Faith Hope and Love mission 2021 -2024

In response to the difficulty and trauma of the Covid pandemic The Iwerne Valley Benefice have launched a new mission and ministry initiative entitled the 'Faith Hope and love' mission. 

The five villages of Shroton, Iwerne, Sutton, Fontmell and Ashmore together make up the benefice of the Iwerne Valley. Each village has its own church, but all are served by a team of clergy (mostly volunteer) and by gifted and helpful laity. As the Vicar of this benefice, I am delighted to introduce this new initiative throughout our five villages. 

The terms ‘Faith, Hope and Love’ have become much more a part of our national discourse and our common concerns over the last couple of years. In their most general sense, we have witnessed extraordinary and generous examples of faith, hope and love within our communities during these past difficult months. We have put our confidence in the wonderful representatives of the HNS and the scientists advancing the vaccination programme; we have looked forward in the hope that the future will soon be better; we have seen the love of neighbour looking out for neighbour in numerous practical ways in our village communities. The pandemic has brought hardship and sadness but also helped us to witness the best that we can be. 

There is something distinctive about the Faith, the Hope and the Love which the Christian church seeks to live out and communicate. It is distinctive because it reflects a belief in a God who seeks, through Jesus Christ, to respond to his creation with a heart of love for each one of us, in the hope of a greater meaning than that which we can see in this life and with a clarity of value which should be placed on every individual, called as we all are to become one of his children. 

Over the coming months and years, we want to work together with the many people of goodwill in our villages to celebrate these great Christian virtues. We aim to work with all possible members in our communities in engaging ways that can bring us together to think through and enact faith, hope and love to the benefit of us all. I hope you will want to get involved.

Through the 'Faith' section of this initiative the ministry team will seek to offer greater opportunities to both our regular Church members and to those outside of our usual congregations to explore the meaning and significance of our Christian Faith these opportunities will take the form of Sunday service teaching programmes, discussion groups, dinner parties, evening lectures and a course in Christianity explored - This section of the mission is being led by The Revd Chris Jervis one of our Honorary assistant Priest's. These events will be advertised as they become available.

Through the 'Hope' section we will as a ministry team seek to 'change the message' of the past 18 months promoting a sense of positivity and hope within our communities along with a new sense of 'Vision' of who we are and what we can achieve together. This section of our mission is being headed up by Revd Garry Bennett our Honorary associate Priest.

Through the 'Love' section we as a ministry team will seek to improve the way that we offer care, support and love to those who live within our Benefice, A new Pastoral team will be formed to facilitate this new initiative.

I hope that you will pray and support this mission.

with kindest regards

Revd David W John (Vicar)