'Making Jesus Known'

'Making Jesus known'  is the primary mission of the Church. The experience of 'knowing Jesus' is the one thing that we offer which is utterly unique to the Churches ministry within our communities. We, as the Church believe that Jesus Christ is the one person who can bring us into an intimate relationship with God in this life. Whilst we acknowledge the importance and role of other faiths within the creative expression of Gods love within our world, the experience of discovering Jesus within our lives is unique within these expressions of Gods grace to humanity. 'Making Jesus known' must then be the core role of our lives and ministry. 

Within the Iwerne Valley Benefice we hope to do our very best to encourage people to discover this experience of spiritual intimacy with the assurance and comfort that it brings.  Our ministry within the Iwerne Valley Benefice is therefore naturally open to everyone regardless of faith, Church background, attendance, ethnicity or gender. 

At present we offer:

  • Inclusive services of various types where all are welcome in each of our villages every Sunday. (Please see service page for full details)
  • Pastoral ministry - Visiting, support, pastoral care for everybody within the benefice regardless of Church attendance, background, or gender.
  • An full and Christian based Schools ministry at our wonderful primary School - St Andrew's Fontmell Magna.
  • A Charity fund, funded by our parishioners to support the families of our St Andrews School struggling with the cost of living crisis.
  • We actively support our local food banks.
  • Home study, reflective groups and regular lectures  for those wishing to explore the Christian faith more deeply. 
  • We are here for all our parishioners during those times of special significance both Good and difficult - Weddings, Christenings, Funerals. We offer pastoral ministry to those who are dying and to the bereaved, regardless of Church connection. (for help for any of these please contact myself, the Vicar - see contact page to email me directly).
  • We also work closely with our local communities to offer support for community projects within the 5 Villages of the benefice.

As our Vision of 'Making Jesus Known' develops we hope to be able to add more offers of service and ministry.

with my very kindest regards

Revd David W John (Vicar)