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About Us.

If you want to know about our team please see Who's Who. To make contact please click here. As the church we like to be involved in our communities great 'life events' such as the celebration of a new birth, weddings as well as providing help and comfort at the death of a loved one. We have information about those life events here.

What we believe.

Ultimately the Christian Faith is all about the experience of the new and dynamic Spiritual life which God can provide through faith in his Son, Jesus Christ.  As Christians we have discovered  this new experience and found that it brings a very real sense of hope into our lives.  That is why we worship, to celebrate God's wonderful gift to us and to say thank you for his love and faithfulness towards us. 

Being a Christian doesn't mean that we don't face times of difficulty, sickness, struggle or bereavement, but it does mean that when these things do come, we can rely on a strength greater than ourselves.  There are many of us within the benefice who have first hand experience of how our experience of faith has brought tremendous comfort. We are happy to share this experience.  If you would like to know more then please come along to one of our Parish Churches and say hello or alternatively contact our Vicar the Rev'd David W John and he will be happy to visit. You can phone him on 01747 811623.

We also would like to provide the opportunity to invite people to discover this new life from God for themselves.   Later this year the benefice will run a series of events designed to explain more of what discovering Faith and Spirituality means these will be led by the Clergy and will be advertised under the title 'Exploring Christianity' If you would be interested in joining these discussion groups please contact the Vicar.