A little becomes a lot!

fish loaves 


“There’s Jesus and his disciples!” someone shouted. “They’ve had a really tiring time. They’re getting into a boat and crossing to the far shore of the Sea of Galilee to find rest.”

“Let’s hurry and get there ahead of them,” said another.

That’s what I heard that day. We all wanted to listen to what Jesus had to say. He was special. He could heal people, make them well again. So I went too. I took a bite to eat and I joined a group of people as they hurried to the mountainside. It was a really out-of-the-way place and loads of people from all around turned up. We sat on the grass and listened to Jesus. Before we knew it, it was getting late and I was a bit hungry. So I opened out my little cloth with my five loaves and two fish.

Someone came up to me. “Hello, young lad. I’m Andrew, one of Jesus’ disciples,” said the man. “Can Jesus have your five small barley loaves and two small fish?”

To think that Jesus wanted something from me? “Here you are,” I replied straight away…..

and do you know what? Jesus gave thanks to God for my food and it was shared out among everyone, five thousand men and all the wives and children. You’ll never believe it! There were twelve basketfuls of food left over. What a miracle!


This was Jesus’ miracle of Feeding the Five Thousand. In the Bible, Matthew, Mark, Luke & John all wrote about it:    Matthew 14 v13-21; Mark 6 v30-44; Luke 9 v10-17; John 6 v1-15.


I wonder if you’ve ever been in a large crowd. What was it like?

I wonder what you would like to take with you for a snack on a day out?

I wonder what the story tells us about what kind of man Jesus was.


Dear God,

Thank you that Jesus cared for people. Help us to be caring too. Thank you that Jesus shared his teaching with the people and through his miracles, he showed what his power could do.    Amen.

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