Following Jesus



A cross is a reminder of Jesus. Jesus had been performing even more miracles! The disciples now knew that Jesus was sent from God to save his people. The name they called him was Messiah. Jesus explained to the disciples that he would have to die but after 3 days, he would come alive again. It wasn’t what the disciples expected or wanted to hear. They thought Jesus would be a king, ruling over everyone straight away.  Instead, Jesus would not be like a royal king. Jesus was to be a Servant King, helping others.

Jesus told the crowd gathered there that if they really wanted to follow him, they must forget about themselves and pick up their cross. They were all surprised and didn’t understand. Peter could only believe his own idea of what Jesus should be like, not God’s plan for Jesus. Jesus did not mean a real cross, like the heavy one he would have to carry on his way to be crucified. It was a way of saying it would not be easy following Jesus. It meant obeying Jesus even when it’s hard to do.

It meant thinking about others first and following Jesus’ teaching.


Dear God,

Thank you for the stories in the Bible about Jesus. Thank you for his teaching.

Even ‘though we might find it difficult, help us to follow in his footsteps, doing what is right, helping others and thinking about them first.        Amen.


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