Christmas in The Benefice 2021

Please see below for the details of our Christmas services. 

Sunday the 19th of December:

  • 3pm Christmas Carol service at St Nicholas Ashmore
  • 5pm Christmas / Carol service at St Bartholomew Sutton Waldron
  • 4pm Christmas Carol service at St Andrew Fontmell Magna
  • 4pm Christmas Carol service at St Mary Shroton
  • 4.30pm Christmas / Carol  service St Mary Iwerne Minster To be held at the Clayesmore school Chapel.

Christmas Eve                 

                                     11.30pm Holy Communion
                                    St Mary's Shroton
                                     11.30pm Holy Communion
                                     Iwerne Minster to be held at Clayesmore school chapel
                                     11.30pm Holy Communion
                                     St Andrew's Fontmell Magna


Christmas Day   


  • 10.00am Holy Communion -  St Andrew's Fontmell Magna  
  • 9.30am Holy Communion - St Mary Iwerne Minster At Clayesmore                                           school Chapel.      
  • 10.00am Holy Communion - St Mary's Shroton                           
  • 10.00am Holy Communion -  St Bartholomew's Sutton Waldron 
  • 11.00am Holy Communion - St Nicholas Ashmore    


 Sunday the 26th December 10am service of Holy Communion at St Mary Shroton BCP