Church Organ restoration.

The current Church organ at St Mary's Parish Church Shroton was built by JC Bishop
and probably dates from the early 19th century. This instrument has the potential to become once again a valuable and appropriate part of the beautifully re-ordered interior of this important church. It needs a full restoration to the highest standard. 

Great News; as of November 2020 the organ restoration has been completed. The restoration work was completed by Lance Foy along with his son and wife who have spent 6 months completing the work. As well as the major repairs the work includes such finishing touches as; replacement key ivories, new lighting and a general face lift to all the wood panelling. Our regular organist Mr James Smith is delighted with the work and states that the sound quality has improved considerably.

We owe particular thanks to Revd John Simmons our local retired priest, member of the Shroton P.C.C. and Iwerne Valley benefice ministry team for heading up the organisation and grant applications for this project.

We also offer our thanks to all those who organised fund raising events and who offered their expertise in talks and presentations to raise monies. 

Finally we than all those who so generously gave financially to support the project. 

See picture below of Mr James Smith playing the newly refurbished organ.

shroton organ 

Kindest regards;  Rev'd David W John