Dear all in order to facilitate both prayer and teaching during the current situation with the COVID 19 epidemic we will be publishing a selection of Prayers and teachings for your reflection and spiritual support. It my hope and prayer that you will find these offerings of some help and comfort during these difficult times.   My thanks in advance to all who will be contributing to this endeavour. 

Please click below for a new sermon each week 

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Click here to download prayers for personal devotion

Please Click the link below to share in 'Discipleship in these difficult days' some prayers and reflection by Dr Care Amos (edited by Rev'd Alan Amos) 

Click here for 'Discipleship in these difficult days'

Please click below for a series of studies by Rev'd Chris Jervis.

Click here for 'The Resurrection and exaltation of Christ' 

Click here for 'Yet not I' study by Rev'd Chris Jervis

Please Click below for  some prayers written by Rev'd Alan Amos - entitled 'Locked in' and 'News'

Click here for 'Locked in' by Rev'd Alan Amos

Click here for 'News' by Rev'd Alan Amos

Please click below for a thought for the day by our Curate Revd Karen Wilson

Click here for Karen's thought for the day

Please click here for a copy of the Daily service of Morning prayer please print this out and then click on the Video below so we can share morning prayers together. Kindest David 

please click here for the Service Order

Please click on the link below and print off the Service order for Morning worship which accompanies the video.

Please click here for the Service Order